About Me

How do I use a dictionary if I can’t spell the word?

My five-year-old self repeated that question. Over and over again. When I begged my mom to tell me how to spell a word – because I needed to finish my story right NOW – she’d tell me to look it up. After awhile, I finally figured it out. I fell in love with words – first creating my own, crayon-illustrated versions of Curious George, followed by decades of writing stories and articles for newspapers and magazines, composing creative marketing materials for nonprofit organizations, and ghostwriting fiction, letters and speeches. I worked as an (occasionally ruthless, but always kind) editor for nearly 15 years.

I am passionate about helping kids explore their emotions and experiences through literacy and art, and serve on the board of directors for The Center for Siblings of People with Disabilities, a nonprofit organization that provides resources to help siblings of people with disabilities feel supported. I believe literacy is the most important tool for learning about, processing, and understanding the world around us. For many years, I have tutored elementary students to help them read better and succeed in school.

I currently live among the cornfields and cows of Southeastern Wisconsin, after growing up in the Chicago ‘burbs and spending 13 years in the beautiful-and-yes-it’s-cold Northwoods of Minnesota. I’m owned by a pair of energetic Boston terriers and when I’m not writing, I’m cooking with my husband, riding my recumbent bike, poking around my flower garden, creating art from old books and trinkets, and texting ridiculous gifs to my husband, kids and grandkids.